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    • Be inspired by chic designs in Asian favors & gifts
    • Be surrounded by peace and joy.
    • Be open to new customs. Embrace cultural differences.
    • Blend the beauty and tranquility of Japanese or Chinese gifts into your lifestyle.


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    Be inspired by chic Asian designs in Chinese dress, home décor, and wedding favors from Asian Ideas. With our paper lanterns from the orient and all of the other home décor items and garments we offer, our passion is to surround you with peace and joy. Be open to new cultures and customs by embellishing your home with a Chinese paper lantern or even a specialty item for your home office. We can introduce you to the beauty of Asian cultures with everything from kimono to the most gorgeous, handcrafted Japanese tablewares, accessories, party supplies and even Japanese paper lanterns. Embrace differences from the multitude of oriental cultures. Blend the beauty and tranquility of Asian gifts and favors from chopsticks and accessories to Chinese paper lanterns and to candle favors into your lifestyle.

    If you enjoy the finer aspects of the Japanese or Chinese cultures, you will love our paper lantern selection as well as our collection of clothing, including Chinese dress and even authentic Japanese kimono.

    We welcome you to the finest oriental art, kimono collection and accessories, including a Japanese paper lantern collection for your home or office. We know you will be highly impressed and pleased with the quality of every item that we carry. No matter what you select, from a Japanese kimono to a gift or office décor, your experience of bringing a touch of the orient into your life will be positive and joyful.

    Chinese Paper Lanterns, Chopsticks, Japanese Kimonos, & More...